The Faculties

Faculty of Music

Music is an integral part, or even “the soul” of Dancing. Therefore, music is one of the important subjects, especially for students of dance. These subjects help equip basic knowledge of music theory and practice in system; help students understand the beauty of melody, rhythm, composition and sentimental value of music for application to the dance art.

Faculty of Ethnic and Folk Dance

At present, there are 54 different ethnic groups inhabiting Vietnam. Each nation possesses an abundant treasure of Folk Dance. Being born during the working process from thousands of years ago, folk dance has hid splendid beauty of each nation. It expresses the aspirations and dreams of labor. The Art of Vietnamese Ethnic Folk Dance aims to equip students with basic knowledge of Folk Dance, adapt flexibly to a variety of all genres and dancing works. During learning process, participants will have thorough grasp of all kinds of material, style characteristics, techniques and skills, absorb and perceive the delicacy of beauty in Ethnic and Folk Dance. The Art of Vietnamese Ethnic Folk Dance is also the foundation for creation of Contemporary dance.

Faculty of Foreign Dance

Europe Classical Dance

European Classical Dance was appeared in the sixteenth century in some countries such as Italy, France, England…. and spread to many other countries, especially in Russia and the Former Soviet Union. European Classical Dance has obtained great achievements and confirmed its leading position through decades. Today, European Classical Dance has become widespread in all continents and been regarded as a common cultural achievement of human society. In Vietnam, complying the Party Policy on Literature, Arts and Cultural, in order to acquire world cultural quintessence, we have actually entered the process of acquiring and applying the European Classical Dance to our country’s art of dance. Thanks to a team of young lecturers with enthusiasm, dedication, graduated from domestic and foreign Ballet Schools, Vocational Ballet School of HCMC in general and European Classical Dance subject in particular, has obtained considerable achievements after 30 years of establishment. The School has applied advanced materials in the world to its training program. Above all, with dedication and professionalism, lecturers of these faculties always try their best to hand over precious experiences to the next generation with a desire to contribute their efforts into the development of Vietnamese dance art.

Foreign Personality Dance

Every country, every nation has founded, existed and developed its own arts of dance. By original dance material, through the manners and customs imbrued with national characters, Folk Dance has reflected soul, sentiment, aspiration of each nation. The Art of Personality Dance was created to study, perfect and typify the Folk dance of different peoples all over the world. Personality Dance has become one of the indispensable basic subjects in the training curriculum of professional dance schools. Personality Dance subject provides students with a skill of rhythm, musical aesthetics sense, promotes their manifesting possibility so that they may adapt to the complex rhythms and abundant, diversified dance styles of Ethnic and Folk Dance treasure in the world.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is a dancing art appearing in the early twentieth century. This art is a kind of outstanding breakthrough from Ballet technical limitations, or even the ways of thinking and dance composing of previous periods. The pioneers of this art are Isadora Duncan’s, Martha Graham. They have created the kinematical laws basing on human figures and energy, showing a wider bounds of this law’s flexibility, as well as the manner of time and space arrangements compared to Ballet. Contemporary dance also diversifies ways of using music and stage arrangement without any limitation of the kinematical law’s language. Contemporary Dance language has become closer to the Vietnamese audience so far. It has effectively supplied materials and dancing language to young choreographers’ compositions. Contemporary dance has become very popular with Vietnam youth people.

Experimental Theatre

Being under the Ministry’s policy for many years, Experimental Theatre was also born due to the aspirations and wishes of the leadership, employees and students of the School. The purpose of Theater is to present the image of the school, summarize the training process so that students, actors may approach the stage, get acquainted with performance before leaving school. After many years of investment and preparation, with the interest of the leadership from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as well as the Department of Finance, the Experimental Theatre of Vocational Ballet School of HCMC was officially inaugurated and came into operation on 30th April, 2011 with its young, dynamic and dedicated staffs and actors.